Can You Drive for Uber With a DUI?

Great news you don’t need a perfect driving record to drive for Uber. However, you will need to have a fairly clean driving record. So if you have a couple of speeding tickets then more than likely you will still meet their minimum driver requirements.

The big question is are you still able to drive for Uber with a DUI? The answer is no, but there is more to it than that.

Some of those requirements are:

You need to have a 4-door vehicle, rather than a 2-door car.

You will need to have a minimum of one year of driving experience.

Uber will do a final background check on you.

Uber Checks Your Driving Record

To drive for Uber, you and your car both have to meet some minimum requirements.

Some of those requirements are:

You need to have a 4-door vehicle, rather than a 2-door car.

You will need to have a minimum of one year of driving experience.

Uber will do a final background check on you.

The background check

Uber’s background check is made up of two parts: your criminal record and your driving record.

A DUI might be detected on either your criminal record or your driving record. So, Uber can find a DUI based on these two searches.  This is good to know because some people have questioned if they can drive with Uber if they get their DUI expunged from their records. Doing so is not a bad thing, but it will only remove the DUI from your criminal record. The DUI will still show up on your driving record. So, Uber will still see that DUI when they screen you as a potential driver.

If Your DUI Was More Than 7 Years Ago, You Should Be Okay

Uber’s official policy, is that they look at the past seven years of your driving record. Therefore, if you had a DUI 8 or more years ago, then it shouldn’t affect your ability to drive for Uber. Uber also checks your driving record for fatal accidents and a history of reckless driving. Sometimes people make mistakes when they are young, so if you have a very old DUI but haven’t had any issues since that time, then you should be fine. It is not certain if Uber strictly follows that “7-year rule” in every state. Some states clear your record after seven years. However, each state’s rules are different for how long a DUI remains on the record.

A Criminal DUI May Never Go Away

If you got convicted of a felony DUI, then you are legally considered a convicted felon. Uber does not hire convicted felons. Therefore, if you have a felony DUI on your criminal record, then you can’t drive for Uber, even if that DUI happened decades ago. If you have an old DUI like that and you want to drive for Uber, then it might be to your benefit to try to get that DUI expunged from your criminal record.

What if I Get A DUI While Driving for Uber?

If you are already an Uber driver and you get a DUI, then the chances are that you’re not going to be able to continue driving with Uber. They periodically check the driving records of current drivers. Therefore, they’ll see that DUI. It isn’t safe for their drivers to drive around drunk (whether or not they’re on the clock at the time) so they won’t allow you to keep driving for them if you get a DUI.

Of course, you may get a DUI then go to court and have the charges dropped. If that happens, then you can contact Uber. If you can prove that you never actually got convicted of a DUI, then it’s the same thing as never having had one, and Uber will likely allow you to resume driving for them. Therefore, it may be worth it to go to court if you get a DUI.

Uber Got In Legal Trouble For Allowing Drivers with DUIs

In the past, Uber has gotten into legal trouble for their failure to carefully screen their drivers for DUIs and other violations. For example, in 2017, they lost a nearly $9 million lawsuit in Colorado. State officials there found that the company had at least 50 drivers who violated the minimum rules including felony convictions, driving without a license and DUIs. This is just one example of a state where Uber has gotten in trouble for this. Therefore, they’ve cracked down more in recent years. They’re more careful with the initial background check. Furthermore, they check their driver’s current records more frequently than they did in the past.

DUI Rates Lower in Uber Cities

One of the things that Uber is quick to point out is that despite the legal problems with their drivers, Uber tends to reduce DUI rates overall. In 2014, they reported that DUI arrests were down 10% in Seattle since Uber came on the scene. The conclusion they draw, of course, is that if people can easily Uber home from the bar, then they won’t take the chance on drunk driving. Uber frequently offers deals, promotions, and collaborative opportunities to further reduce drunk driving on holidays including New Year’s Eve.

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