How to Make Over $60K Working from Home

Thanks to technological advances, many jobs can be done remotely more than any other time in history. Between remote workers and freelancers, eight million Americans (5.2 p.c of the personnel within the U.S.) Many of these positions are quite lucrative, crossing well over the $60,000 a year mark.

Jobs That Can Be Done From Home—Make More than $60K

Some of the top paying work at home positions are in the technology sector. Many IT professionals and their coworkers don’t need to interact with clients and can communicate online. Additionally, logging into systems remotely is fairly easy with the perfect tools.

You first must understand that not every skill or profession can allow you to get there if you want to join the ranks of this workforce. You won’t be able to do it filling out surveys, alone. A number of these roles do need a significant amount of knowledge and experience.

Additionally, most will consider a four-year diploma (or beyond) a must-have. But, if you work as a help desk/tech support, business intelligence analyst, a software developer, or something similar, transitioning to a job may not be very challenging. And, when you do, getting a salary over $60,000 a year is plausible.

WFH Jobs—Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Social Media Managers

Bookkeepers and accountants may do pretty well in arrangements. While you will need some education and credentials as well as the right software to start, it is possible to earn a salary that is quite high. In the US, work-from-home CPAs make a mean of nearly $64,000 a year.

If you are good at social media, becoming a social media manager could mean a $60,000+ annual salary. Some freelance writers are capable of making $60k each year, although that will depend upon your skill level and if you are an expert in a particularly profitable niche. Some transcribers and translators can also reach that salary point.

However, some options don’t require as much experience. Some can earn over $20 per hour teaching English as a second language even without a teaching degree. If you manage to secure a full-time schedule and qualify for additional incentives or bonuses, hitting the $60,000 mark isn’t out of the question. If you have skills in a particular field, you might be able to teach in other areas online too, giving you a different path to pursue.

Tips for Landing a Great Work-From-Home Job

As with any job, you want to proceed with very carefully. Googling work-from-home jobs will give you some decent results, but there will also be some scams in the mix, so you need to be diligent.

If you would like to work remotely for a company, then using a site like Indeed can help you find positions with reputable employers. Make sure to focus your search on your profession and filter to show remote jobs only.

For those who would like freelance their way to $60,000 a year, starting on a freelancer job site could be a great move. Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, Guru, and Fiverr all have strong reputations, and they can help you reach businesses and individuals looking for people with a wide range of skills. It can take time to build your freelancing reputation, so, unless you have a strong portfolio of work already, it might take a while before you cross the $60,000 mark.

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